Hard rock n’ roll from Malmö – Skåne – Sweden!

Vaganza Trailerpark is that Rock band that you really would like to see at a live show. You get a lot of energy, groovy rock n ‘roll riffs, interesting rhythms, clear melodies and above all, a very much alive live show.

The band’s diverse rock music is created with inspiration from among other things 70s fuzzy rock n ‘roll and today’s more modern rock. Some of the things that makes Vaganza Trailerpark’s music stand out from the crowd is that many of the songs  contain influences from both surf, blues and punk music.

Vaganza Trailerpark therefore offer a real nice mix of music genres.

It is no surprise that many people draw paralells to artists like Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison when they hear Jessica sing, since her singing also has a strong character and is driven by strong emotions.

Vaganza Trailerpark concerts have always attracted a wide audience.